Nothing but the blood of Jesus. Jesus is the only one that could’ve washed away our sins. So remember that as we go about our life journey. There will be times when we will make mistakes but God will forgive us when we ask Him. His grace will provide us anything we need and protect us from harm that maybe coming our direction. So rest in knowing that the only thing that can wash our sins is the precious blood of Jesus. You will never find a love that is greater than Jesus laying His life down for the our sins. He is awesome and He always will be. Continue to praise and be grateful to Him in all things. Take care, stay encouraged and God bless you my encouragers.

Encouragers, Please check out my latest Podcast “Stop, Pause & Pray (DAY 4) – Knowing God Has Your Back”

Encouragers, Here is this weeks song of the week “I Believe” I appreciate your support. Take care, stay encouraged and God bless you.

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