If you know God loves you, let it go. There are many things in life that rubs us the wrong way. But we must remember that God forgives us of our sins many times over and over again. So we must learn to forgive and move on. It may may seem to be difficult in the beginning, but you will learn that the more you hold on to negative things the more they put you into bondage. So, we have heard the hymn Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so.. and we should obey what it says about forgiveness. So rest in knowing, that Jesus love for you should always reflect what He would do. Moreover, the more you forgive the better you live. Have a blessed day. take care, stay encouraged and God bless you my encouragers.

This episode of #StayEncouraged focuses on believing that God is always working on our behalf, and Bible-driven encouragement that will help strengthen our faith in the Lord in times of fear and doubt. Click to listen to “Believing God Will Make A Way” >> 

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