God will open doors no man can close. The biggest blessing to me in serving God is that when you serve Him He gives you favor. So often times when we do things in life and things don’t go our way we think that it may be the end of our aspirations.But when you belong to God this not true because when God opens a door in your life no man will ever be able too close it. Continue to trust and obey Him and all times and watch great things happen in your life. God does not make mistakes.. In life we often wonder why things happen the way the do but we must realize that God is the only one that controls all things. Regardless of the outcome God will never make a mistake. Put your trust in Him and always live by faith. Take care, stay encouraged and God bless you my encouragers.


Remember: God will open doors.. it is very important that we trust God and give Him complete control.. Click below to check out my #StayEncouraged Podcast “Giving God Control”

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    1. Darryn Zewalk

      Bless you my friend.. I appreciate your dropping by. Have a thriving Thursday. Take care and od bless you in all things

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